[FedEx] Giordon PKE Passive Keyless Entry 2 Remote ButtonAuto Engine Remote Start Push Start Stop

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[FedEx] Giordon PKE Passive Keyless  Entry 2 Remote ButtonAuto Engine Remote Start  Push Start Stop

Main features

1, remote control automatically locked

Parking closed: PKE automatic lock, more than 2 meters away from the car door automatic lock, a key to start automatically fail (can not start the car), the car horn tweet soon


2, remote control automatically unlock

A, PKE automatically unlock: close to the car within 1.5 meters door unlock or light pull the door to unlock the door twice (optional) door unlock, dark lock automatically lift the car horn tweet 2


B, manually unlock, and then click the remote control about the car horn tweet 2, the central control unlock


C, you can use a key to start the normal function (the car can be started)


3, remote start function

A, the remote control can remotely control the car start or flameout (you must open the appointment start mode)


B, remote start function Press the remote control for 3 seconds, the engine starts (central locking is still locked state)


C, remote start-up time of 10 minutes


4, open the appointment mode function

A, car parking P file or neutral (engine start) pull handbrake, press a key to start the start button for 2 seconds, then the button lights slowly flash.


B, get off after using the remote control long press the remote control button for 4 seconds to turn off the car and lock to complete the appointment start function


5, intelligent switching function

If the car has been in the remote start, and then unlock the remote control, the foot brake, then the system immediately exit the remote start mode and enter the drive mode


6, low voltage prompt

If you hear the buzzer beep 5 times after each unlock. Description The battery voltage of the remote control is too low. It is required to replace the remote control battery immediately


7. Emergency mode

A, in the unlocked state, press the start button for 10 seconds can also start the car


B, in the unlocked state, the first step on the foot brake, and then press the remote control for 4 seconds unlock button, you can start the car.


8, a key to start the operation

1, slam the foot brake, press the start button for 1 second, start the car directly


2, if not depress the foot brake, press the start button, turn on ACC-ON-OFF-ACC


3, parking, slam the foot brake press the start button for 1 second, the car flameout. If you do not press the start button is pressed 4 seconds, the car flameout.


9, vibration function

When the car into the anti-theft state after 5 seconds, if the car was hit three times the vibration will sound prompt.


10, driving lock

When the car starts after 15 seconds, depresses the foot brake, central locking, flame automatically unlock


Dear customers, the purchase of this product we recommend to the professional technical staff to install, to avoid the process of self-installation of the product damage, if indeed the installation process can also contact us, we will try to help you solve, thank you understanding



1 host

1 test leads

1 start button

2 remote control

2 induction antenna

1 manual